English / Castellano

April by Mostachobarbon

from Santiago de Chile

My real name is Pablo, but I prefer the moniker Mostacho. I am 42 years old, and I am a security alarm technician. I don't make a living off of drawing, but drawing gives me life. I draw to make my dreams come true, from the darkest to the sweetest. My first influences were the comics of Milo Manara and Conan the Barbarian. I began to work at 12 years old and my father would bring me these comics after the working day. He never bothered checking the pornographic, erotic or violent content of those first comics. Which I am grateful for! I was raised in a highly patriarchal and aggressive environment, so seeing men in womens clothes or effeminate males being victims of physical, verbal and psychological violence marked me greatly. Later, seeing them defend themselves and fight for their rights was the biggest example and inspiration to me. My drawings are a tribute to the feminine, masculine, fragile and violent in our beautiful community.

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