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May by snakechub

from Paysandú, Uruguay

My name is Valentin Silva and I'm 27 years old. I'm a self-taught queer and non-binary illustrator. I've drawn ever since I can remember, but it wasn't until early 2019 that I began to draw non-hegemonic masculine bodies shaped by queer experience. I felt this was a type of representation that was missing in the media I consumed, or maybe I hadn't had the opportunity to find other artists that worked on a similar theme until that moment.

Being self-taught and lacking a large artistic knowledge, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what path to take, which references to look for, but I also think it can be beneficial because there are no limiting forces and, in my case, I had to find my own sources, borrow a bit from each artist whose work I was fascinated by and find the way to merge it all into what I wanted to create.

From that moment on it has been a staircase of learning; new techniques, new styles, new concepts. The way I draw changes all the time and is very linked to this path of learning, and to a deep need for reinvention and constant change that I try to translate into my creative process.

Beyond the representation of bodies that mostly differ from my own, my work is very personal and a translation of my own emotions. This illustration, inspired by a 1985 photographic series of male nude photographies taken by Louis Jean Baptiste Igout, stems from an exploration between the erotic and the vulnerable, sensitivity and brutality, the tender and the tough.

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