English / Castellano

June by Javier Ramos

from Ciudad de México

I’m a gay artist originally from the North-east of Mexico, a city called Monterrey, and I'm currently residing in the capital, Mexico City.

Most of my body of work nowadays focuses on the beauty of people that might not fit into what could be considered as hegemonic. Namely, big, hairy men who often times are not the center of attention in most mainstream media and seem relegated to the background or secondary characters. I want to demonstrate that those people deserve to be the main focus, that their beauty and sensuality should be seen and appreciated.

In my more personal pieces, beyond beauty and sensuality I like to explore possible inner landscapes; the solitude, contemplation, isolation and longing that one experiences and doesn’t usually share with the world. I like to make these pieces look like they’re almost a faint memory of a dream, oscillating between what could be real or a fantasy, all the while adding a little spice of sensuality to it, which I think is inherent to us and is always present.

In A Leap of Faith, the subject contemplates whether or not he should submerge himself in the vast, unknown world that’s right in front of him, calling and tempting him. In doing so, he might discover many wonderful things, or he could sink to the bottom and never get out.

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