English / Castellano

August by Ismael Ferrer / Polleirobear

from Barcelona, Spain

In my drawings, I look for a specific gay male ideal: the strong, rough and especially hairy mature daddy; traits that coincide in many ways with bear aesthetics. These are the kind of men that turn me on and, judging by the response my art gets, also turn many other people on…

I work with digital media and watercolours, which allow me to be agile and obtain quick results. Due to my job, I don’t have much spare time so when I start a drawing I like to finish it the same day, hence the use of quick and effective techniques. Most of my works don’t take more than two hours to make.

For the month of August, I portrayed a naked man with a large torso, covered in fur, which almost blends with the grass he’s laid upon, and invites us to rest beside –or atop– him and enjoy a nice summer nap. Who knows if, after the rest, his bulging flaccid penis will acquire a different consistency…

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