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October by Guibu

from Tucumán, Argentina

My name is Guibu, I’m an illustrator from Argentina with a passion for fat and mature bodies; bears and daddies. Back in 2008 I published a comic strip titled El ósculo hirsuto (The hairy kiss), a story where burly, chubby and mature men experienced homoerotic and sexual situations. I’ve been publishing drawings ever since, on different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. I like to satisfy the “market demand” of images that elevate fat and mature men.

El ósculo hirsuto was born out of my need to tell a story where the protagonists (chubby, burly, mature men) portrayed homosexual desire. It was also a way of externalising my fantasies and fetishes, like the eroticism of a man in uniform or in a business suit. I started publishing in 2008, finding internet to be an ideal platform (blogs were very popular back in those days). That’s how El ósculo hirsuto, the story of a poet named Jorge Funes, was born. A homosexual bachelor close to 50 years old, he tries to make a living through his writing while simultaneously expressing his desire for other men.

I never really let the story out openly, I waited for it to spread from my anonymity (as an author, I never show myself or my photo unless someone asks me in private). The blog slowly began generating attention and comments. An article in a supplement by an Argentinian newspaper also helped, as well as the English translation that one of my followers contributed from Spain. After that, I started publishing my drawings on Facebook (those were the first years of that social network). And so, my enthusiasm to keep on sharing grew on. When I finished the first volume of the story, I already had material for the second. And now, at the end of 2021, I’m already planning the third!

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